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Concrete Raising and Leveling Services

Raise or Level Surfaces of Any Kind, Including (But Not Limited to) Sidewalks, Driveways, and Patios.
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Minimal Site Disturbance

Our polyurethane injection system is instant, including minimal site disturbance unlike the mud-jacking method that leaves your yard a mess.

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Cures Within Minutes

The polyurethane material reaches 90% of its final strength within 30 minutes, so the affected concrete is safe to walk or drive on quickly.

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HomeAdvisor Screened

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Certified to NSF 61-5

Unlike many concrete raising foams, our product is 100% safe to dispose into a landfill and safe when coming into contact with drinking water. In fact, we are certified to NSF 61-5.

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Absolutely Level, LLC is a concrete raising and leveling service that will enhance your curbside appeal, reduce trip hazard, and increase the value of your property within as little as one day. We offer services from Greater New Orleans to Baton Rouge, as well as throughout Slidell and Hammond. Learn more >>


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