December 12, 2017

How Our Product Works

Affordable Solution for Foundation Repairs

Absolutely Level, LLC offers a quick and affordable solution for foundation repairs. Basically, we raise and level concrete in three simple steps. Here is how our product works:

1. Drill

Our injection system consists of drillingĀ a 5/8″ diameter hole through your existing concrete. This method eliminates the risk of creating a mess or damaging the surrounding foundation.

2. Pump

Then, we fill the hole with our USDA certified biobase. This foam is made of 40% recycled materials, making us the “greenest” and more cost-efficient polyurethane foam on the market.

3. Patch

Nearly thirty minutes after we fill the hole, the polyurethane material reaches 90% of its final strength. In other words, you are free to walk or drive on the affected concrete.

Overall, no matter the surface, our product will have your concrete absolutely level within no time! For more information, contact us today.