January 5, 2018


Polyurethane is a considerably versatile material used in a wide variety of industries. Its physical properties can range from soft and flexible to unadaptable and heavy. For this reason, polyurethane serves as an ideal substitute for cement. Our polyurethane product particularly offers a wide range of benefits for concrete raising and leveling, especially when compared to mudjacking. Here are the benefits of polyurethane.


As a much more durable material, polyurethane concrete raising has the ability to last much longer than mudjacking. This is because polyurethane never loses its density.



Our concrete raising and leveling strategy provides great results for the fraction of the cost of new cement replacement.



Polyurethane is significantly lighter than cement replacement provided by mudjacking. More specifically, 2 lbs of polyurethane can be used in place of 100 lbs of mudjacking. 



Unlike many concrete raising products, our product is 100% safe to dispose into a landfill and safe when coming into contact with drinking water. In fact, we are certified to NSF 61-5.


Less Noticeable

Our raising and leveling strategy only requires drilling a 5/8" diameter hole through the concrete. This eliminates the risk of creating a mess or damaging the surrounding foundation.